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J.R.'s Authentic Apothecary

Have you ever browsed antique shops and looked wistfully at some of the old apothecary bottles which once held mysterious elixirs from a bygone era? Some of them were likely old bottles from the J. R. Watkins Medical Company.

Watkins ProductsBack in the 1860's, people on the Minnesota prairie didn't have ready access to doctors, and most couldn't afford to see one anyway. J. R. Watkins provided quality products folks could rely on to make them feel better and keep them feeling better. And unlike some of the "snake oil" vendors out there, J.R. backed his products with a money-back guarantee.

We weren't the only company, of course - but we're the only one left. With Watkins, you don't just get a glimpse into the past; you get real tried-and-true products that have been helping people for more than 135 years.

"Shortly after the close of the Civil War, a Liniment was placed upon the market which became widely known for its remarkable ability to relieve aches and pains.

This Liniment was compounded and bottled by a resident of Winona, Minnesota, Mr. J. R. Watkins, according to his special formula which he had developed.

Mr. Watkins at first supplied this Liniment chiefly to his friends and neighbors. Soon, however, these friends began telling their friends about it, and Mr. Watkins found the demand for his Liniment growing greater day by day.

He was thus induced to abandon his other pursuits and devote his entire time to making and supplying "Watkins Liniment." In 1868 - the same year General Grant was elected President of the United States - Mr. Watkins founded the business which today bears his name."

Excerpted from Watkins Timely Suggestions, circa 1920

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