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O'Keeffe Product Information
O'Keeffe's Product Information
O'Keeffe's Approach to Sustainability.
The O'Keeffe's Company dry skin therapy products: Working Hands, Healthy Feet and Life Out There, are as effective as we can make them and we stand behind that promise. It was O'Keeffe's choice to keep the product lines simple and avoid multiple extensions which ultimately occupy more real estate and confuse and frustrate our customers.

Exceptional Value.
Every O'Keeffe's Company product is made in America by hard working Americans. It has been personally inspected by at least 6 product and quality focused people, any of which would be proud to give that jar to their own grandmother. As the founder and president of O'Keeffe's Company, I have been encouraged over the years by consultants to "raise the price and see what the market would bear". I've opted to continue to make a product that provides exceptional value - organic, natural, market focused, faster acting, and even throwing in 20% more free, all because our single minded focus is on delivering exceptional value in exceptional skin products.

Customer Satisfaction.
Safisfaction GuaranteedO'Keeffe's Company has grown and thrived based on the success of the product. There have been no stockholders to fund expansions and branding objectives. Therefore, it is purely satisfied customers that have grown our business.

Products That Work.
The Working Hands, Healthy Feet, and Life Out There products are effective - we are proud of them because they do what they say they will do - they work. Our customers are more than satisfied which is why they write testimonials, hundreds of them, many that have never written to a company before. If you have a moment go ahead, read a few here, you'll sure to love what you read just as much as our customers love their O'Keeffe's products.

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