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Having tried every product on the market ... this little jewel whips em all hands down!

- J.W.

I use the salve for everything. I hate to be out of it.

- K.B.

I have used some nationally advertised products for arthritis and have had mixed feelings .... I tried this salve and it was really great. The best results I have ever had.

- R.F.

I have a B.S. in science and I know that people scoff at what they can't explain/understand, but the proof is in the bottle, and the results speak for themselves.

- J.L.

... it is an especially good product. I have used it on my knees which give me trouble. I'll recommend it to anybody.

- M.M.K.

I suffer from a back injury I received ... 14 years ago and this salve provided great relief from my pain.

- K.C.

I had knee surgery a few months back and have been in severe pain ever since. The prescription pain pills and other medications were not helping. I was having to use a walker to get around for fear of falling. A friend of mine gave me some salve and within a short time the pain was gone. Now my friends can't believe that my walk is nearly a run.

- Marian

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