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Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Medicated Pain Relief

Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Medicated Pain Relief formula provides relief from arthritis and joint pain, back pain, shingles, muscle aches and bruises and more.

Amish Origins works wonderfully for arthritis, sore muscles and joints, cuts, abrasions, bruises, cough due to colds, head colds, throat congestion, sinus problems, dry and cracked feet and hands, psoriasis, burns and much, much more.

We are dedicated to providing a quality product to help individuals find the temporary relief of pain they've been searching for.

Amish Origins Deep Penetrating Pain Relief

Our therapeutic, deep penetrating formula provides an all natural, long lasting pain relief.

AMISH Origins® is the manufacturer of a multi-line of medicated pain relief ointments and creams. Amish Origins has expanded into a multi-line of products that range from rub-on creams to medicated spray pain relief formulas.

Amish Origins Medicated Pain Relief Deep Penetrating

Amish Origins® currently offers the following pain relief products:

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